Monday, March 2, 2009

Bargain Hunting

I don't know what it is about bargain shopping that gets my heart racing and blood running through my veins at warp speed-but I assure you it happens. This weekend was an especially good one, being that my trip to Hudson's in Jackson was like hitting the Jackpot. You see, when you have children, especially in the South, it is customary to dress them in a certain manner-and boy that can get 'spensive, so I was extremely glad to find a Strausberg store that had unloaded at one of my favorite bargain spots, Hudsons. If you have never been-it is a must go. Hit and miss, mind you, but worth the time. Here are my top bargain hunting places if you are ever in the area...

1. Dirt Cheap-any location but especially Yazoo City
2. Hudson's-same company as Dirt Cheap, but a little more organized
3. Marshall's-a little more mainstream now, but still got my Le Cruset red teapot there for $29.00 (regular $89)
4. The Bargain Barn in Cleveland-fabulous prices on furniture, got AR's french-looking real wood nightstand there for $39.
5. 61 Outlet in Indianola-great for baby goods and linens!!!

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