Monday, March 16, 2009

Closet (and sanity!) Saver

What can I say about the amazing product, the Cascading Hanger? Well, let's see...It is freaking amazing!!! I have an old home, circa 1940 when it seems folks really did not give much space to their wardrobe. Seriously, they must have had like no clothes. But not me, oh no. So until now, Granger, Ann Riley and I have been sharing a closet-and-a-half. Not kosher. I have had to refrain from buying that piece that I REALLY wanted because, sigh, there was no room at the inn. But then, an infomercial caught my attention-as they always seem to do-and my answer was right on my plasma. Wonder hangers-and they are wonderful-are my saving grace. No longer to I have to push and tug to get clothes in the right place, I actually have room to see what I have!! I actually ordered mine (get the metal ones!!) from QVC. No, I did not call in and talk about how much I loved the hangers and can I have a free Jessica Simpson Hair-do ponytail hair extension with my purchase, I ordered them online like a good guilty pleasure shopper does. And let me tell you-they are worth every penny!!!


  1. I had these in our dorm room! Remember? Haha...I'm sure I have them around here somewhere...I could really use them again!

  2. Ha-actually I do remember that now!! Yes, you probably really need them at your house!!! Your family is so adorable